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One Great Plate: Mac-n-Cheese

One Great Plate:  Mac-n-Cheese

Elemental. Sometimes your food cravings come from natural hunger, sometimes from nurtural hunger (yes, I just made up that word but it speaks to a hunger of the memory and a hunger of the soul, no?).  Anyhoo, you shouldn’t dismiss a good dish so quickly, like the often snubbed mac-n-cheese. Did you know Thomas Jefferson was a fan? He served “macaroni pie” at a state dinner in 1802. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting a creamy pot of warm, bubbly starch n’ dairy, especially when it’s done well. Red Stag has always done a goodly gussied up version, the current dish has lobster and grilled leeks. Eli’s is a good late-night option for fortification, simple and creamy with penne. And with the theory that bacon makes everything better, go try the Southern bacon-enhanced version at Sapor.

Red Stag
509 1st Ave. NE
Mpls., MN 55413

1225 Hennepin Ave.
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428 Washington Ave. N.
Mpls., MN 55401