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One Great Plate: Gunflint Trail Whole Fruit Syrups

Gunflint Trail Whole Fruit Syrups

Now may be the time when you start dreaming about chucking it all to become an honest-to-goodness maple syrup farmer. The trees will be running soon, and you imagine yourself quitting your day job to be at one with nature, dipping your pancakes into your golden riches every morning. But have you seen how much sap it takes to make a little bottle of syrup? Maybe it’s time to expand your notions and think beyond the maple, like Jan Johnson did. Johnson created Jams by Jan up in Grand Marais (and she has all kinds of craziness such as Ritzy Rhubarb and Hunky Chunky Cherry), but it’s her Gunflint Trail whole-fruit syrups that have people talking. These gorgeously thick and vibrant handmade syrups have chunks of fruit playing around in them. Those blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are grown wild or farmed in the northern soil, gathered and thrown together with all-natural ingredients to a sweet and tasty end. These syrups are a refreshing change on your pancakes, but they also work well over ice cream and in cocktails. Find them at Bibelot stores (bibelotshops.com).