One Great Plate: Good Morning Growlers

The growler trend has collided with the cold press trend.

  • Victory 44’s cold press is dark and rich, but done with a lighter hand, although it gets stronger the longer it’s in your fridge. They’ll add a squeeze of vanilla for you free of charge. Cost: $20; refill ($15).
  • While Caribou may have the prettiest growler, the cold press is serious, earthy, and rich. Dilute it with milk for a little café au lait. Cost: $14.99; refill $12.99.
  • One of the local pioneers, Dunn Bros.’s darkly seductive Infinite Black cold press can vary a bit from store to store, but it’s the best flavor wallop around. Cost: $14.99; refill $10.99.
  • This is the first year Dunn Bros. has offered freshly brewed tea in a refillable bottle, which is a growler in our book. Cost: $14.99; refill $10.99.
  • Gray Duck Chai is a new kid on the block. A couple of local kids are brewing this small-batch organic chai, which delivers a lightly sweet, spice-laden cup of tea. Look for it in local coffee shops soon!

Is your hot cuppa joe looking less desirable in the 90 percent humidity? Fear not, the growler trend has collided with the cold press* trend, which means that you can have expertly brewed pick-me-up beverages in your fridge morning, noon, and night.

*steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for an extended amount of time, yielding a powerfully flavored concentrated beverage with low acidity and lots of caffeine.