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One Great Plate: Elle-Tee Cheese Torta

One Great Plate: Elle-Tee Cheese Torta
Photo by Katherine Harris
Just Right — Tip it out on a platter or scoop it right from the box.

Torta is a word that floats around the food universe with a vast array of meanings. Some speak of the torta as a Mexican sandwich all drippy with pork and sauce, some refer to it as the omelet-like Spanish tapas oft riddled with chorizo, and still others claim it as a double-crusted savory pie. None of these are the tortas I’m interested in. Right now I want the Italian style of layered torta made with cheese from Elle-Tee & The Kitchen. These little terrines are packed with flavor, layering soft goat cheese with olives, peppers, roasted garlic, and thyme in one torta and feta cheese with apple-ginger chutney in another. Made with local cheese and no preservatives, these little treats flip out attractively and are perfectly spreadable. It’s true that when curating a cheese plate, I try to factor in all guests, and these tortas have been a nice, easy choice to balance out some of the stronger cheeses on the board. Plus, they are an ace to have in your fridge for the drop-in holiday guest. Find all five flavors at Kowalski’s or online at elle-tee.com.

—S. M.