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One Great Plate: Chicharron

One Great Plate: Chicharron

This is the year of skin, I’ve said it before. Chicharron (chee-cha-RHONE) is commonly thought of, in the US, as pork rinds. But those puffy smoky smelling bags of fry snacks have nothing to do with the real treat that is fried skin, in other countries you’d find chicken, beef, even tuna skin fried up as a salty treat. Once you can admit to your self that the best part of fried chicken is the skin, you can move on to fully loving the “cheech”. I’ve had an credibly light and puffy, yet spicy amuse bouche chicharron at Corner Table , the first hit in a 12 course tasting. You can sometimes find it on Heartland’s menu made from the historic Gloucester Old Spot breed of hog, splashed with a bit of habanero vinegar. On the Borough menu, it’s chicken skin that sits next to the sweetbreads crepinette, providing the perfect crunch in a well-constructed bite.

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