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One Great Plate: Celery Root

One Great Plate:  Celery Root

I still remember the first time I had celery root soup, it was in New York at Gramercy Tavern and it became one of those indelible moments marked on my brain forever. Celery root is not really what’s at the bottom of your common stalk, but it is related. Derived from wild celery, its real name is celeriac and it’s a small, knobby, edible root that turns silky smooth when cooked. The flavor imparted is a fresh cross between celery and parsley with just a bump of nuttiness. You’ll be seeing it all winter, but it’s best just after it’s been dug up in the fall. Restaurant Alma is legendary in these parts for its celery root soup, but also check out the root on a roasted beet salad at In Season. If you’re ready to tackle the root on your own, Fresh Tart will show you how.

Restaurant Alma
528 University Ave. SE
Mpls., MN 55414

In Season
5416 Penn Ave. S.
Mpls., MN 55419