One Great Plate: Cake Pops

Are these little spheres of candy-coated cake to dethrone the mighty cupcake?

  • Photos by Becca Sabot
    These two baking ladies are all about crazy fun. Witness the cake pop sundae in a cone. They’ve recently signed a lease and plan to be the first cake pop shop in Minneapolis. 3507 23rd Ave. S., Mpls.,
  • Photos by Becca Sabot
    Not just for novelty, cake balls can be elegant, too, especially coated in champagne buttercream or doused with chocolate and sea
  • Photos by Becca Sabot
    Highly styled and delicious to boot, these lollicakes come in flavors such as lemon raspberry, banana cream, and a slightly spicy hot chocolate.

Call them cake pops, lollicakes, cake balls, or what have you, These little spheres of candy-coated cake are becoming a local cottage industry. Are these the treats to dethrone the mighty cupcake? It could happen.

Cake Pop Ladies

Raspberry Bird

The Dipp Shop