Where and What to Eat

One Great Plate: Brussels Sprouts

Apparently, people are MAD for Brussles. Prices locally have shot up, maybe due to the fact that national mags and shows have firmly placed them on the Thanksgiving Day menu from now through antiquity. It is funny, though, that I heard a lady say she doesn’t eat Brussels sprouts because she can’t eat bacon. Worry not, there are plenty of other ways to eat those cute mini-cabbages, other than the ubiquitous bacon treatment. Like at The Gray House where they’ve been plied with balsamic and Pecorino cheese, and Restaurant Alma where you can find them fried with mahi-mahi, and of course at Red Stag where they are simply roasted with lemon and butter as a side.

The Grey House
610 W Lake St
Mpls., MN

Restaurant Alma
528 University Ave. SE
Mpls., MN 55414

Red Stag
509 1st Ave. NE
Mpls., MN 55413