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One Great Plate: Basil Limeade and Ginger Rose-ade

Take lemonade and limeade to the next level.

Ginger Rose-ade and Basil Limeade
Limeade is so undersung. You never see kids setting up a limeade stand at the end of the driveway, do you? As far as summer drinks at the backyard barbecue go, lemonade is the cute blonde everyone loves while limeade is her tart ’n’ tangy wisecracking cousin.

Do yourself a favor: Take it to the next level by pouring the glass of sass that is the Basil Limeade mix from Golden Fig. Made simply from fresh-squeezed lime juice, fresh basil, and a touch of sugar, this mix goes swimmingly with a bolt of gin, some sparkling cava, or even a hit of bourbon.

If acerbic isn’t your bag, grab a bottle of the Ginger Rose-ade, which combines lemon juice and fresh ginger with hibiscus flowers and rose-flower water for a decidedly floral drink. It craves a splash of vodka, some white rum, or even a shake with a bit of limoncello. Teetotalers fear not, these mixes are so fresh and bracing that they pair well with a simple cube of ice and a chilled glass.

Pick them up at Golden Fig or Local D’Lish. www.goldenfig.com