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Eat & Tell: Where Should I Go to Eat Pork Belly?

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Eat & Tell: Where Should I Go to Eat Pork Belly?

Q: Where should I go to eat pork belly?

A: Gosh, pork belly is almost as ubiquitous as bacon … It’s almost hard to remember the day when the unctuous, fatty little salty morsels of pig were not found everywhere. You can find it somehow employed on nearly any chef-driven menu, the trick is finding the one you love (isn’t it always?). Pat’s Tap has it simply skewered with spices and lemon as a bar snack, The Sample Room uses it as the star of its bahn mi, hanging out with cucumber, pickled daikon, and jalapeno on ciabatta. Of course you can go pan-fried pork belly at Tea House or try it in the ramen at Masu, but the big talk of the moment is the maple glazed pork belly eclaire at Icehouse. This savory brunch item holds the pork belly between two layers of flaky pastry along with a pork cheddar sauce. Head-turning, to be sure.

Pat’s Tap
3510 Nicollet Ave.
Mpls., MN 55408

Sample Room
2124 NE Marshall St.
Mpls., MN 55418

Tea House
1676 Suburban Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55106

330 Hennepin Ave. E.
Mpls., MN 55414

2528 Nicollet Ave. S.
Mpls., MN 55404