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Eat & Tell: Best mid-point happy hour spot between Minneapolis and St. Paul?

Where is a good mid-point between Minneapolis and St. Paul for happy hour?
Happy hour nosh: Charcuterie plate from the Craftsman.

Q: Some of us work in St. Paul, some in Minneapolis, but we all want to meet up for Happy Hour. Can you suggest a few spots that are in between?

A:  You guys are so bi-bankal. I rather think of the 280/University area as the seam of our cities, but that’s a hit or miss endeavor. If you want a sports bar feel, maybe The Hole on University though it’s closer to the U of M. If you want a real pub, definitely go to The Dubliner. South of the highway you could hit Longfellow’s Craftsman, which has a pleasant bar and good nosh.

The Hole
2501 University Ave SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

The Dubliner
2162 University

4300 E. Lake St.
Mpls., MN 55406