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Eat & Tell: When Does Oktoberfest Really Start?

Where to enjoy Oktoberfest, Minnesota-style.

Eat & Tell: When Does Oktoberfest Really Start?

Q: So when does Oktoberfest really start?

A: Um, it’s already begun. It officially began in Munich on September 22 with a parade and tapping of the first keg. But don’t you worry the crazy folks at Black Forest Inn have started ten days of crazy spass for you, the entire city of New Ulm is prepared to keep the party going for the first two weekends in October, and both the Twin Cities Oktoberest and St. Paul’s official fest are still happening in October. There’s basically a whole lot of beer and wurst in your future.

Black Forest Inn
1 E. 26th St.
Mpls., MN 55404