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Eat & Tell: How Can I Tailgate Like a Locavore?

Eat & Tell: How Can I Evolve My Tailgating Menu?
Photo by Katherine Harris
The Esbit Foldabale BBQ Box is a little winner of a grill. Small and easy, it comes compact in a shoulder bag and sets up in less than five minutes. Touchdown. Find it at amazon.com ($90)
Is there anything like gathering with like-minded fans, covering your bodies in Day-Glo paint, and grilling a few dogs in the parking lot on a fall day? Ski-U-Mah there’s not! But let’s be honest, as an eater you’ve evolved past the Oscar Mayer wieners and you’re looking for something more, yes? For sausages, you can’t go wrong with these four beauties. Thousand Hills makes a mean all-grass-fed-beef wiener, Elmbrink Farms puts its Glencoe-raised pork into some seriously tasty brats, and Kramarczuk’s won’t disappoint with either the corpulent and juicy knackwurst or the spicy buffalo chicken sausage. For libations, nothing goes better with a Minnesota autumn day than Crispin Honey Crisp Cider, or look to Lucid’s Dyno Pale Ale and Summit Unchained #10 Abbey Ale for a cut above that swill your neighbors have hidden in their can koozies. If the need for chips hits, you can snack on Beer Chips or Tavern Style Kettle Chips, which come right out of Perham, Minnesota.