Where and What to Eat

City Lunch: Thrivent Cafe

What's for lunch? Our editor's pick of where to eat on your lunch break.

Skyway Accessible: Yes, skyway level.

In/Out: Cafeteria style with lots of seating

Deets: On the East side of town there’s a building that looks like a orange-glass cash register. That’s Thrivent. In the skyway level lobby of the building is the newly revamped Thrivent Café, and lucky for lunchers (and anyone on jury duty) it is open to the public. Truthfully, it’s like a mini-version of the Skyroom, with a salad bar in the middle (though not as prodigious) and food stations in the surround. You’ll find a burger grill, a custom wood-fired pizza station, grab-n-go that includes fresh deli sandwiches (and mozzie sticks???) plus kettles of Au Bon Pain soup and specialty hot lines that might be offering shrimp tacos or a risotto bar. It’s all very modern and slick, and the newly designed seating area includes a fireplace, so grab your custom pizza and tuck in.

Thrivent Cafe
625 4th Ave. S/Skyway level