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City Lunch: Sea Salt

Best Moules Frites in Minneapolis?

City Lunch:  Sea Salt

One of the great Minnesota passtimes is complaining about the wait for a meal at Sea Salt, the summer-only seafood joint at Minnehaha Park, steps from tourist-destination Hiawatha Falls. But have you thought of going for a weekday lunch? This is a brilliant move, while everyone else is stuck at their desks, there you are, basking in the sunshine. I went last week, and walked right up to the counter with no wait at all, it was luxury, it was luxury unmatched by the blooming Queen of England I tell you! And then I dined, like the blooming queen of the sea. On Moules Frites.

Moules Frites:
Fat fresh mussels, treated tenderly, given zest with wine and herbs, and covered with delicious golden brown fries. Now, I'm something of a mussel obsessive, and these mussels, themselves, the pure ingredient, were gorgeous: Fat as sausages, fresh as the wind, tasting of the sea. I've had great Moule Frites in other Minneapolis restaurants, notably Meritage and Cafe Barbette, but these, I dare say, might have even been better. If you're a moules frites fan, run, don't walk. Yeah, they're $14.95, but they're worth it.

Anything else they've got:
I had scallop tacos, clam fries, which for me are always a taste of childhood summers on the beach, and an oyster poor boy, too. Why? I don't know. It was a beautiful day, and I was so thrilled not to encounter a line I felt like celebrating. Everything was just what you'd hope for: The scallop was like ocean candy, the clam fries were crisp, crisp, crisp, and tender too, and the oyster poor boy was fresh and meaty.

In short:
If you can find anyway to make your weekday business meeting take place at Sea Salt, you have won the business lunch sweepstakes, handily. And you'll be eating better than the blooming king of the sea.

Sea Salt Eatery
4801 Minnehaha Ave. S.