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City Lunch: One Two Three Sushi

What's for lunch? Our editor's pick of where to eat on your lunch break.

City Lunch:  One Two Three Sushi

Skyway Accessible: Yes, skyway level.

In/Out: Counter service, very limited stool seating.

Deets: Has there been a bigger skyway spot splash? I can’t remember. Lines have been forming outside of One Two Three Sushi since the day it opened, not in small part due to its sibling relationship with Masu Sushi in Nordeast. Don’t expect that level of sushi, but be prepared to be pleasantly surprised … this little spot brings a whole new version of skyway sushi: the custom roll. You pop into the brightly lit, colorful joint and choose your rice (brown rice!), your fish, your filling, and some dazzle (spicy mayo, crunchy bits) and the kids behind the counter roll it as you watch. It’s slick, it’s fresh, and you don’t have to wonder how long it’s been sitting there or if it was shipped from Woodbury. There’s also worthy ramen that comes with a nicely poached egg and is packed to-go in a great little transport designed to keep the broth and the goods separate until you get back to your desk.  A top deal has to be the three steamed buns you may have filled with pork belly or shrimp tempura (skip the green tea chicken) for $5.99.

One Two Three Sushi
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