Where and What to Eat

City Lunch: Maison Darras

What's for lunch? Our editor's pick of where to eat on your lunch break.

City Lunch:  Maison Darras
Skyway Accessible: Yes.

In/Out: Counter service, plenty of seating

Deets: If you find yourself sneaking bites of your charge’s kids-menu grilled cheese, just suck it up already and go get your own. Dig into the adult version at Maison Darras, which happens to be a skillfully smashed panini. Too many Panini handlers skimp on the melty goodness, or flatten into crumbly oblivion. But not the kids at MD, who know how to keep the turkey in the crusty bundle, all bound by beautiful provolone. Oh, and you can have crème brulee, for the win.

Maison Darras
401 Robert St. N., St. Paul