Where and What to Eat

City Lunch: La Belle Crepe

What's for lunch? Our editor's pick of where to eat on your lunch break.

La Belle Crepe
The Complete crepe from La Belle Crepe

Skyway Accessible: Yes, and it’s streetside.

In/Out: Counter service, limited seating, outside and in hallway.

Deets: This little place cranks out both savory and sweet crêpes jammed with fillings. They’re good sized portions, a classic bet is the Complete with ham, garlic mushrooms, and cheese wrapped in a buckwheat crêpe for under $7. The egg, cheese, and ham isn’t just for breakfast either. They can be rich (go on, add crab, hollandaise) but they don’t feel heavy or bready. There can be a line, it gets packed sometimes in this small space, but the counter kids are very friendly.

La Belle Crepe
825 Nicollet Mall