Where and What to Eat

City Lunch: Asian Max

What's for lunch? Our editor's pick of where to eat on your lunch break.

City Lunch:  Asian Max

Skyway Accessible: Yes, skyway level.

In/Out: Counter service, some seating.

Deets: There’s actually quite a lot of Asian food spots in the skyway, and most people have their favorites based on location and frequency. But there is always a line outside of Asian Max (the one I pass often in One Financial Plaza) and the place seems to bustle well past 1pm. The pan-Asian isn’t ground breaking (nor should it be for skyway dining), but it is tasty, fresh, comforting, and served with friendliness. On a cold January day when you are hating your cubicle, a generous plate of hot-n-sweet sesame chicken or a combo plate of spicy basil shrimp with green papaya salad and rice hits the spot. It also has a nice kim chee side, those snackable green beans, and here’s the best deal: From the US Bancorp location (that’s right Target peeps, just across the street), you can order a take-home dinner of a whole 5-spice rubbed rotisserie chicken with 3 sides for $12.95. Re-route your habitrail paths.

Asian Max
One Financial Plaza & US Bancorp Bldg.