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One Great Plate: Chocolate at Max’s

Chocolate at Max’s
Photo by Becca Sabot

Didn’t you always dream of someone gifting you a gorgeous Valentine’s heart-shaped box of chocolates that you might luxuriously pick through whilst draped over a chaise longue? And if gifted, has the box ever lived up to the dream? I submit that your expectations are not unreal: Keep the dream, change the chocolate. Forget the heart-shaped marketing ploys of drugstore chocolates and get thee to Max’s.

Max’s is known for its eclectic collection of jewelry, but I’m not sure the food set really understands the depth and breadth of owner Ellen Hertz’s chocolate selection. She stocks a few great local brands, but it’s the international collection of chocolatiers that will send shivers of excitement through any chocofile.

Find a Tiffany blue box of VChocolate salted caramels covered in Belgian chocolate, pick single-source cocoa bars from Askinosie that carry the picture of the farmer on the front, or thrill at the renowned Michael Recchiuti’s Whiskey Pairing Collection, which brings two great worlds together. You can go big with curated boxes or small with little treats that pack much more of a high-quality, real-ingredient flavor wallop than anything that is sold king-size at the gas station. We all deserve great chocolate. 3826 Grand Way, St. Louis Park, 952-922-8364, stylebymax.com

—S. M.