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The Rabbit Hole

October was a big month for Kat Melgaard Kim and Thomas Kim with a wedding, a baby, and a new eatery.

The Rabbit Hole
Photo by Katherine Harris

October was a big month for Kat Melgaard Kim and Thomas Kim. It kicked off with a successful Kickstarter campaign to the tune of $15,500 and included a wedding, the birth of their daughter, and the launch of their second project, The Rabbit Hole. The team behind The Left Handed Cook has opened this gastropub inspired by Korean street food just down the hall in Midtown Global Market. The space is both whimsical and industrial, between dainty side tables and feathered lamps hanging from the ceiling and high-backed booths that guests are encouraged to “tag” with graffiti. One of the only full-service spots in the market, it boasts a full bar with 18 local tap beers as well as six craft cocktails being poured from the tap. The adventuresome menu is a playful mash-up of dishes such as chili crab with rice, crispy chicken wings, pork belly saam, and The 213 burger with buttered kimchi and kalbi marinade. 920 E. Lake St., Mpls., 612-236-4526,