Come Fly With Me: Concourse G

The OTG group partnered with Delta to overhaul foodservice options on Concourse G.

  • Photo by Katherine Harris
    Shoyu Modern Japanese noodle/sushi bar Local chef: Koshiki Yonemura Smith of Tanpopo The ticket: The sushi is fresh, and you can watch them cut fish and make noodles right in front of you. A duck confit ramen with pickled eggplant, mushrooms, and a poached egg was one of the best ramen dishes I’ve had all year. Anywhere. Also of note: bento boxes, creative dumplings, a little walleye tempura for the home team, sake, and Hitachino Japanese beer.
  • Photo by Katherine Harris
    MinniBar Sandwich-driven bar Local chef: Andrew Zimmern The ticket: Perch on a seat under the blue tiled space—the bartenders here are pros from the city, so you might recognize a few faces. The sandwiches are nicely sized, not gargantuan, but hearty. The Stud had roast beef that was rightly pink with a zingy pimento cheese sauce and crispy fries that stayed pretty fresh as I took them to-go. The Thai Basil Smash with Maker’s Mark I happily finished right there.
  • Photo by Katherine Harris
    Mimosa French brasserie Local Chef: Russell Klein of Meritage The ticket: Not many people choose escargot for the pre-flight meal, but you can and maybe now you should, because it would be gorgeously garlicky enough to ward off strange-seatmate conversations. You’ll also find steak frites, salmon crepes, a croque monsieur, and an omelet du jour that delivers a nice comforting wallop filled with cheese or mushrooms or what have you. Yes, have the French 75.
  • Photo by Katherine Harris
    Volante Modern Italian eatery Local chef: Doug Flicker of Piccolo The ticket: Maybe Flicker could just go ahead and open one of these downtown. The Italian menu is serious, employing ingredients such as tripe with the gnocchi, guanciale with the porchetta, and octopus with the cavatelli, but it’s still very humble and accessible.

A surprising thing has happened at the airport. There’s a new world of dining options, and the food and service are both quite good. The OTG group partnered with Delta to overhaul foodservice options on Concourse G. Relying on the wisdom and palates of local chefs, the group has debuted four new concepts and promises eight more over the next few years. It’s a modern update with an iPad ordering system and fast-casual delivery coupled with stunning design. Don’t be shocked at your happiness for a delayed flight when it means more time at the noodle bar.