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Pupuseria La Palmera

Pupusas, a Salvadoran snacks, are certifiable cheap eats.

Pupuseria La Palmera
Photo by Katherine Harris

Pupusas look like small flying saucers whose homemade cornmeal exteriors have experienced atmospheric toasting before landing on your plate. These hand-formed Salvadoran snacks have started an off-the-radar invasion of the Twin Cities, and the newest lair is Pupuseria La Palmera in south Minneapolis.

The foreign treats served here arrive bearing three types of oozy offerings—a simple but tasty melt of beans and cheese; a satisfying combination of pork, cheese, garlic, and onion; and the classic pairing of cheese and an edible indigenous flower called loroco. Pupusas start out as a ball of masa dough that is kneaded into a pancake shape and folded so the filling is encased inside the flattened pastry shell. The turnover is then griddled on a hot-oiled skillet until the outside is lightly browned and the inside has melted into a thin layer of gooey goodness. A bowl of tangy carrot and cabbage slaw called curtido and a squeeze bottle of liquid tomato salsa make up the traditional toppings for pupusas.

There is an ongoing debate whether it’s more proper to eat them with your hands or to carve them with a knife and fork. In either case, they’re easy to enjoy, and at only a couple of bucks each, they are a certifiable cheap eat.

Where to Find It

4157 Cedar Ave., Mpls., 612-729-2025