First Looks

The New Corner Table

Corner Table
Photo by Eliesa Johnson

The world is blooming for the Corner Table gang. It seems crazy that it was only two short years ago that Nick Rancone and Thomas Boemer took over the neighborhood restaurant. They kept the ethos but reinvented the kitchen with their own take on modern Midwestern cooking. And now they’ve done it again. Corner Table 3.0 has moved to the corner of 46th and Nicollet into a new building the owners rehabbed. There’s more seating, including seats along the kitchen line, plus a bigger bar and patio area. The high-caliber cooking will continue on a slightly larger menu, which is finally available seven days a week. Look for the doors to open Thursday, May 8.

Pimento Cheese

The original CT spot will be turned into a Southern comfort food joint named Revival, featuring fried chicken and pimento cheese.