What the Pros are Drinking

What four local brewers drink when they aren't drinking their own awesome beers.

You can love your own product all you want, but greatness recognizes greatness—especially in the Twin Cities beer community. We asked a few local brewers what their current drink of choice is (aside from their own brand, of course). If you’re looking to try something new, trust these guys—they’re professionals.


WHO: Rob Miller
WHAT HE DOES: Head Brewer, Dangerous Man Brewing
WHAT HE DRINKS: War and Peace by Fulton
WHY: “I love the richness and the roasted malt flavor of this beer. It goes great on a cold winter night.”


Damian McConn
WHAT HE DOES: Head Brewer, Summit Brewing
WHAT HE DRINKS: Masala Mama by Town Hall Brewery
WHY: “This beer consistently has superb hop character, but with enough malt base to really support the bitterness and enhance the drinkability. Great stuff.”


Todd Haug
WHAT HE DOES: Head Brewer, Surly Brewing Co.
WHAT HE DRINKS: Black Ale by Bent Paddle Brewing
WHY: “I know those guys, what they went through making their new brewery in Duluth, so it’s good to finally try their beer, and this one is great.“


Brittany Krekelberg
WHAT SHE DOES: Co-Founder, Badger Hill Brewing Co.
WHAT SHE DRINKS: Foto by Lucid Brewing
WHY: “The late hop additions give it great flavor and citrus aroma. It’s an awesome West Coast–style IPA.”

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