Trial Run: Knife Sharpening

Testing out knife sharpening and care at Eversharp Knives.

Knife sharpening and care at Eversharp Knives
Knife sharpening and care at Eversharp Knives

What: Discovering how to sharpen and care for cutlery at Eversharp Knives.

Why: Slicing into dinner became a challenge with my dull, blunt cutlery.

Our Take: I went into the two-hour class clueless about how to care for my kitchen blades. The instructor began with what not to do with your knives: put them in the dishwasher (guilty), skip the cutting board (guilty), or slice through frozen chicken (guilty). Clearly, I had room to improve. Then we learned the proper technique for sharpening: hold the knife at a 20-degree angle from the sharpening rod (which must match the brand of the knives) and swipe six to eight times on each side after every use. He concluded with the basics of how to carve a turkey and chop tomatoes, garlic, and onions. My technique may not yet be to the standards of Guy Fieri, but it certainly is a cut above where I started.

Small Print: $40. 344 NE Taft St., Mpls., 612-379-1300, eversharpknives.com