The Out-of-Towners

In-laws/coworkers/sorority sisters coming to town and need a place to eat? Stephanie March is here to help.

Matt's Jucy Lucy
Photo by Becca Sabot
Often imitated, never duplicated . . . the Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar. You have to ask yourself one question: Do your out-of-towners deserve it?

As you are no doubt aware, our fair towns will be hosting the Major League Baseball All-Star Game within a few short weeks: July 11–15, to be exact. You know what that means, don’t you? Besides the pomp and glory of seeing our towns broadcast in all their blue-glass, lake-decked, Mississippi-lovin’ splendor, it means visitors.

People from all over the country will be flying in to sample the goods that make up the Twin Cities. Some of them might be attached to you through marriage or college or work, and when coming to your town, they will ask you a very important question: where should I go to eat? Now you’re wearing a pair of my shoes.

Oh, the pressure of a recommendation. How can you pick something that will represent? You’d want to send them to Matt’s for a Jucy Lucy, but would they get it? Might they bite too quickly, get burned by the cheese, and miss the beauty in the vinyl walls? Maybe you think Heartland, where Midwestern modern is executed on the highest level, but what if they don’t understand rabbits are for eating? What about Murray’s for a butter knife steak? Butcher & the Boar for bourbon and brats? Izzy’s for ice cream? Chef Shack for donuts?

Don’t worry, we got this. The trick is to find out what they like and show them how we roll. Do they love their Chinatown? Stroll them up and down Eat Street with a stop at Harry Singh’s for roti, Pho Tau Bay for pho, and Black Forest for spaetzle—because we don’t limit to one country. If they mockingly ask for hotdish, take them to HauteDish and watch them with superiority as they lick the plate clean of tater tots that redefine the word.

In the end, we’re here for you.

Check out our online database of almost every eat and drink shop in the metro or just send us an e-mail (dining@mspmag.com). We won’t fail you, we won’t fail them, we won’t fail these towns.