The neighbors already feel like they own this local canteen.

Stephanie Colgan

Jonathan Hunt, chef/owner of al Vento and Rinata, moved to Bryn Mawr and felt like feeding his neighbors. He’s gutted the old Bryn Mawr Coffee Shop and launched the space as Sparks, a small eatery centered around a big wood-fired oven. The windows lift like garage doors, there’s friendly bar seating in front of the kitchen, and the neighbors already feel like they own this local canteen that is feeding them chewy crust pizzas, oven-roasted ribs, freshly fired pitas jammed with roasted chicken, and Sunday brunch frittatas that change with the week. This is what happens when a chef moves into your neighborhood, if you’re lucky.

230 Cedar Lake Rd. S., Mpls., 612-259-8943, sparksmpls.com