Who has the best pizza in the Twin Cities? We set out to answer that eternal question with open hearts, flexible minds, and elastic waistbands.

Randy Huffmeier of Randy's Premier Pizza tosses pizza dough into the air
Beyond the stretching vs. tossing, cracker vs. chew arguments, there's a new breed of innovators in town focused on crust, one true essential element of pizza. These our are faves.

When they're not working, chefs are eating pizza, so it makes perfect sense that 'za has found its way into their professional repertoire and become a canvas for creativity. Here are the five best of that breed.

Deep dish pizza at Pizzeria Pezzo in White Bear Lake
It just so happens that we are in the midst of a deep-dish revolution in this town thanks to these three Twin Cities masters of thick, saucy, skillet-born pies.

A slice of pizza and salad from Cossetta in St. Paul
These five shops have mastered the fold-it-in-half-and-walk-away, big, flat, thin slices that most people think you can only get out East.

Pizzas at Pizza Luce
Fueling sleepovers and sustaining tween athletes between games, pizza is a birthright of the young and there's nobody better to deliver on that promise than these three slice slingers.

Classically square-cut Broadway Pizza
When it comes to MN-style pizza, you really need to be from here to understand it because there's no singular attribute that defines it, but rather an inalienable Minnesotan-ness that's best summed up at these five places.

Pizza by Red Wagon Pizza Company
Delivery be damned! This handful of local pie shops will bring a whole slew of fresh pies (along with the oven, the wood, and the toppings) to your backyard.

Pizza on the farm at Two Pony Gardens
Four farms that appeal to our quaint desire to indulge in an afternoon spent among the green grasses of farm life culminating in a crafty pizza feast.

Afghani football pizza from Crescent Moon
The Italians may have invented it, but we perfected it with our crazy American can-do sensibility. Putting mac 'n' cheese on a pizza? Here are four places for which that's just the tip of the crazy-pizza iceberg.

Margherita pizza from Punch Pizza
Although NYC gets all the credit, Andrew Zimmern thinks some of the best VPN pizza in America is being cooked here in the Twin Cities. Here are the four best.

Pizza Studio
Three national pizza places to watch and the best of the rest from your neighborhoods.

Dudes with righteous beards at Dangerous Man Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis
We dropped 30 free pizzas at Dangerous Man's happy hour. It was really fun.

Now that you've seen our cull of the best pizzas in each category, it's up to you to pick the best overall pizza in the Twin Cities from them . . . Welcome to our Pizza Fight!