Picnic Purveyors

Picnic spread on a canoe
Photo by Ashley Camper

You've been dreaming of a summer picnic, but (let's be honest here) who's got the time to create the perfect spread? So let someone else do the work. These folks offer ready-made meals perfect for the park—all you need to supply is the blanket, the bug spray, and the appetite.

Heading out on the St. Croix River—or just copping a squat at Lowell Park? Stop in at the old Commander grain elevator in downtown Stillwater, where Tin Bins is housed. The quick cafĂ© and coffee shop will pack up sandwiches, salads, and a few treats for you on the fly. 413 E. Nelson St., Stillwater, 651-342-0799

Catching a concert at Lake Harriet or looking to hang at the Lyndale Park Rose Garden? Bread & Pickle, the snack shack next to Harriet's bandshell, has an entire pre-order picnic pickup menu! Genius. 4135 Lake Harriet Pkwy. W., Mpls., 612-767-9009

Lunds & Byerly's Kitchen in downtown Wayzata is just a hop-skip from Wayzata Beach and Shaver Park, and it offers a huge salad bar, pickup sushi, custom sandwiches, plus all the soda, chips and charcuterie you can jam into your beach tote. 250 Superior Blvd., Wayzata, 952-476-1122

Take a hike at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, where more than 19 miles of trails await. Before you do, it's wise to stop at The Mason Jar, just off Cliff Road, where you can stock up on staples that may or may not include cupcakes. 1565 Cliff Rd., Ste. 1, Eagan, 651-340-7809

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