How to Make a Great Hot Party Drink

Easy recipes for seasonal favorites

How to Make a Great Hot Party Drink / Photo by Eliesa Johnson
Photo by Eliesa Johnson

Hot Toddy

2 oz. whisky or bourbon (use Barenjager for a slightly sweeter hit)
1 T.  Ames honey
2 Tsp. lemon juice
Hot water

Put whiskey, honey, and lemon juice in a mug. Top with hot water. Stir. 

Malty Milk

4 cups milk
4 T. malt powder
3 T. sugar
1 cup whiskey
2 whole vanilla beans, split
In a saucepan over low heat, warm milk. Whisk in malt, sugar, whiskey, then add vanilla beans. Let steep and warm for 5-7 minutes, serve in mugs.

Hot Buttered Rum

2 oz. dark rum
1 Tsp. brown sugar
Pinch of nutmeg
Hot water
Cold butter
Cinnamon stick
Pour rum into the bottom of pre-warmed mug. Add sugar, nutmeg, and stir. Top off mug with hot water and small pat of cold butter. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

Mulled Wine (aka Gl├╝hwein)

1 bottle of red wine (Pinto Noir or Cabernet Franc works well)
3 T. honey
2 cinnamon sticks
2 T. cardamom seeds
1 T. black peppercorns
1 tsp. cloves
Sliced orange
Sliced lemon
2 T. maple syrup
Star anise seeds
Combine all ingredients into a pot and heat over medium heat, simmering for 15-20 minutes. Strain before serving, garnish with star anise.