New Scenic Cafe: The Cookbook

NOMA of the North Shore? New Scenic Café Cookbook Debuts, Dazzles

New Scenic Cafe Cookbook
Photo by Caitlin Abrams

What restaurant is most beloved in Minnesota? It’s hard to look into our collective hearts, but I bet if we did we would find the New Scenic Café in a tippity top slot. Why? Because chef and owner Scott Graden just makes going up north special: The beautiful views of Lake Superior, the ethereal treatment of local North Shore treats such as fresh Lake Superior herring and game meats such as elk, the crazy 92-part desserts that make you feel like someone was working all week on your birthday sundae.

Well guess what? We now know that Graden was indeed working on your birthday sundae all week, because Graden just released his first cookbook and: Boy howdy. Wow. Holy cats. I always suspected Graden put his heart, soul, and every waking moment into the food of the New Scenic Café, but now I have the recipes that prove it. Introducing: The New Scenic Café’s first cookbook!

New Scenic Cafe Elk Tenderloin

“I kind of want to do for the North Shore what NOMA did for the Norwegian coast,” Graden told me. “We have such great ingredients up here. I needed to get a record of it down on paper so people could understand.”

If you have fond feelings of the New Scenic, you should definitely get a copy. The photos of the food are beautiful. The recipes tell so much about cooking life on the North Shore at its best. I picked a few of the easiest to showcase here on the web. (Don’t fret if you don’t have elk, you can substitute venison or beef.) In the cities, the gigantic 500 page full-color tome is being sold at only a few spots, at Kitchen Window in Uptown, at Ingebretsen’s on Lake Street, and at Common Good Books in St. Paul. In July, Graden will be teaching a few classes at Kitchen Window with recipes from the book. Check out some recipe excerpts below:

Red and Gold Beets from New Scenic CafeScenic Cafe Seared Duck Breast

Elk Tenderloin New Scenic CafeCreme Brulee at New Scenic Cafe

Want your own copy? Move fast, the cookbook is a self-published limited run, and if I know anything about Minnesotans’ feelings about the New Scenic Café and the North Shore, it will be as briefly available as a Duluth daffodil.