Food Trucking Tips

Get the most out of your food trucking experience.

World Street Kitchen food truck parked in downtown Minneapolis / Photo by Jessica M. Fleming
Photo by Jessica M. Fleming

1. Check the Twitters. Most trucks either have a Facebook or Twitter page on which they will announce their location for the day. You can either do a pre-lunch check up with all of your favorites, or dial into the @TCSteetFood feed which puts up a number of tweets, just before lunch, telling you where most trucks are.

2. Cash Money. Make sure you have at least a bit of cash on you. While most trucks do take plastic these days, there is the off chance that some of the newer trucks don’t have it in place yet.

3. Pick your timing. If you hit the downtown trucks right at 12:30, be prepared to wait, even if there are a number of trucks gathered together . . . lines will form. The good news is that most of them move pretty fast. Line-haters may want to make the early lunch jump (11ish) because if you try for later they may have run out of stuff. Nothing sadder than seeing the fried chicken taco crossed out on the chalkboard.

4. Engage and sample. The mobile food community is a chill one and most people cooking from a truck would be happy to chat about what they’re up to (just don’t hold up the line at peak, please). If you have time, your best bet is to grab a taco from one, some fried pickles from another, and a drink from still one more. Or grab a friend, divide and conquer, and share bites.

5. Cop a Squat. You’ll have to find a place to eat. Either pick a curb, lean against a building, eat standing up, find a grassy knoll, but a good street eater always takes the trash with them. Keep the city clean and the food truckers out of trouble.