Find Your Farmers' Market

Mill City Farmers' Market
Photo by Caitlin Abrams

This summer you've dedicated yourself to shopping the markets and eating local. But before you blindly hit up the closest bastion of booths, let us help you discern which market is the right one for you.

You’re a . . .

Your market . . .

One-Stop Shopper: People are coming over for Saturday dinner and you need everything from pesto and radishes to tie-dyed caftans. Oh, and you might need a brat and some lemonade to kick off the day.
Minneapolis at East Lyndale (312 East Lyndale Ave. N., Mpls., 612-333-1718)
Competitive Connoisseur: You get to the market by the crack of dawn because you think scoring the freshest eggs before they run out is fun. You know who is new and what they grow, and you could easily lose an hour of daylight just discussing the size of this year's romanesco yield over last.
St. Paul (290 E. 5th St., St. Paul, 651-227-8101)
Lazy Locavore: You slept a little late and you need some Chef Shack donuts before you shop for kale and organic cheese. Plus, you might want to walk to Izzy's for some ice cream.
Mill City (704 S. 2nd St., Mpls., 612-341-7580)
Independent Eater: Dilemma—People bug you, but you still want fresh farm food, and you'd rather shop on a Tuesday night when the stroller moms and their howling progeny are tucked in bed.
Midtown (2225 E. Lake St., Mpls., 612-724-7457, )
Aspirational Bon Vivant: You have two recurring dreams—the one where you walk into Tilia and there's a table waiting for you and the one where you walk out of Tilia and head up the block to your beautiful home. For now, you'll settle for a little Sunday market networking in the neighborhood of your dreams (maybe that pizza guy knows of someone selling . . .).
Linden Hills (2813 W. 43rd St., Mpls., 612-516-2163)
Gastro Know-It-All: You have a CSA, but you miss your farming friends. You wouldn't dream of showing up without a market bag, and you school others on the differences between Bossy, Humble, and Wise Acres, without any irony. Gai Gai Thai came to your wedding—as guests.
Kingfield (4310 Nicollet Ave., Mpls., 612-207-7893)
Newbie Foodie: Farmers' markets are a little intimidating to you and vegetables are something of a final frontier. You wonder if you'd feel more comfortable if there were more fried foods on a stick—and some classic cars in the mix.
White Bear Lake's Marketfest (4701 Hwy. 61, White Bear Lake, 651-429-8537)

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