Feeling Some Love . . . And Pork

Have the boys from Travail and Victory 44 kissed and made up?

By now you’ve heard about the opening of Umami and stratospheric kickstarter that the guys from Travail have launched. What with all the press and tongues wagging, there’s bound to be a bit of grousing, grumbling and scoffing. But I say turn from the dark green side and embrace forward motion. 
But maybe you don’t want to donate money to a for-profit business. And further, maybe you don’t want to donate money to the Travail boys because of your loyalties to Victory 44, perhaps in deference to what you’re sure was a major betrayal when they left Victory 44 owner Erick Harcey's kitchen. Well, here’s something you can do to make yourself feel better … Harcey has been named as one of the "Twin Cities Finest" by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and he’s raising money for the cause in a kinda kickstarter way. If you pledge a certain amount of money, you get a prize:
$100 (30 avail) … will get you two tickets to Pig in a Parka pig roast with tons of goodies.
$250 (20 avail) … gets you the 2 tix plus a Dogwood Coffee cupping before the pig roast.
$1000 (5 avail) … gets you the 2 tix plus a VIP dinner for 4 at Victory 44.
$5000 (1 avail) …  gets you the 2 tix plus a once in a lifetime Travail/Victory 44 Reunion Dinner for 6 with the whole crew back together for a progressive meal.
So there it is, a veritable sword to the scabby rumors of hate between V44/Travail. Let’s see what a little love can do, shall we?