Best New Pizza Joint 2013

Only the Travailians could make pizza taste this good without getting in the way of eating it.

Pig Ate My Pizza / Photo by Katherine Harris
Photo by Katherine Harris
The big worry that arises when chefs adopt junk food as their canvas is that they’ll take all the fun out of it and create a $100 version that’s pretty snooty and inaccessible. Not the Travailians who debuted Pig Ate My Pizza this year. Sure, pizza, under their brush, is racked with the highest-quality ingredients, whether it be the BLT pizza or the green eggs and ham pizza. And it’s created with incredibly modern chef-driven techniques. But c’mon, it’s served to you by a chef in a chicken costume who engages you in a drinking game. Yeah, no fun. 4154 Broadway Ave. W., Robbinsdale, 763-535-1131, facebook.com/pigatemypizza