Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar

From frilly cakes and pretty pretty pastries to sausage bread goodly pretzels.

Photo by Katherine Harris

It is so fitting that the bakery perched above Hell’s Kitchen is bright white and lit with elegant chandeliers. But it’s not all frilly cakes and pretty pretty pastries—the bakers here do all the work for the kitchen downstairs, producing the sausage bread, sweet and sticky caramel rolls, and goodly pretzels all on-site. There are also plenty of toothy baguettes and hearty boules of made-from-scratch breads. But let’s be honest, if you’re taking a break from your downtown life to sneak a seat at the counter for some fresh Peace Coffee, you’ll likely be breaking into a carrot cake scone, cinnamon pull-aparts (called gooey babies here), or a rocky road brownie/cupcake hybrid. A little bit of afternoon sin never hurt anyone.

Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar, 86 S. 9th St., Mpls., 612-238-1435