St. Paul Food Trucks

Where to eat on the street in St. Paul.

0512-MessyGuis_180.jpgMessy Giuseppe

Accepts credit cards
Mobile offshoot of Cafe Zia in Roseville, with sloppy joes, hoagies, ultimate grilled cheese, and more.

0512-Neatos_180.jpgNeato's Burgers

Accepts credit cards
Old fashioned drive-in style burgers, hot dogs, authentic Coney Islands, and fresh cut duck fat fries.

0512-NOPHOTO_180.jpgNgon Bistro

Accepts credit cards
It's easy to spot this circa 1965 Volkswagen van. Vietnamese bistro menu includes spring rolls, pork sandwiches, and fresh squeezed lemonade.

0512-RAMac_180.jpgR.A. MacSammy's

Accepts credit cards
Grilled cheese, classic mac, sloppy joe, smoke bratwurst, N’awlins Mac.

0512-SassySpn_180.jpgSassy Spoon

Cash only
Organic and locally sourced dishes that are good for you—hash (with sweet potato, onion, fried egg, and summer sausage or tempeh), slaw, chicken salad, and deviled eggs.

0512-TacoCielo_180.jpgTaco Cielo

Cash only
Authentic Mexican tacos, quesadillas, and burritos.

0512-NOPHOTO_180.jpgTiki Tim's

Tropically inspired cuisine for Minnesotans. Fish tacos, Kalua pork sandwich and tiki cakes (crab and shrimp made into a patty with seasonings) are worth a bite.

0512-TotBoss_180.jpgTot Boss Truck

Accepts credit cards
Tot-related fare, including plain tator tots, a bacon-wrapped tator tot, tator tot-based nachos, and, of course, tator tot hot dish.

0512-WaffleVan_180.jpgThe Waffle Van

Cash only
Waffles, fruit tarts, coffee, lattes, and hot chocolate.

0512-WstIndies_180.jpgWest Indies Soul

Cash only
Jamaican patties, curry chicken, jerk chicken, oxtail, Caribbean lemonade, and sweet potato pie.

0512-NOPHOTO_180.jpgWraps & Apps

The wraps are classics, but the apps are enticing. Offers jalapeno bites, Cuban quesadilla, deluxe mac-n-cheese, and chili & cheese tots.

Updated by Stephani Bloomquist, Jessica M. Fleming, and Hayley Schnell, May 2013
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