Minneapolis Food Trucks

Where to eat on the street in Minneapolis.

0512-SaucyBurts-180.jpgSaucy Burt’s

Nicollet Ave. and 5th St., Mpls.
Cash only
Specializing in gourmet Italian-American meatball subs.

0512-Scratchtrck_180.jpgScratch Food Truck

Accepts credit cards
Pork and shrimp sandwich, sesame beef sandwich, tofu lettuce wraps, and egg rolls.


0512-SheRoyal_180.jpgShe Royal

Accepts credit cards
Philly cheesesteak, 1000 Hills hamburger, vegetarian platter, sambusas.

0512-smackshack_180.jpgSmack Shack

Accepts credit cards
Lobster rolls, po’boys, fries, and other crustacean-themed fare.

0512-Stanleys_180.jpgStanley’s on Wheels

Accepts credit cards
Smoked brisket, reuben, nachos, and pretzel sticks.

0512-NOPHOTO_180.jpgStarlight Diner

Accepts credit cards
Smoked pulled pork sandwiches, Italian beef, and German hot dogs are the latest features.
*Coming soon!

0512-NOPHOTO_180.jpgStreet Dogs

Cash only
Locally-grown beef hot dogs with fun toppings. Try a Thai dog or Reuben dog.
*Coming soon!

0512-NOPHOTO_180.jpgSushi Fix

Accepts credit cards
From the Wayzata restaurant of the same name, it's the first sushi food truck in Minnesota. Specialty rolls, traditional nigiri rolls, and apps.

0512-TacoTaxi_180.jpgTaco Taxi

Accepts credit cards
Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, tortas, sopes.

0512-NOPHOTO_180.jpgTaqueria La Hacienda

Cash only
The Lake Street Mexican specialty on wheels. Try a taco al pastor ($2) or tacos arabes ($2.68).

0512-NOPHOTO_180.jpgTollefson Family Grill Truck

Have a delicious hot dog or sausage knowing this family-raised pork is lower in saturated fat and higher in omega 3 fatty acids.

0512-TrkyTG_180.jpgTurkey to Go

Accepts credit cards
Giant turkey sandwiches (with choice of toppings/veggies), pitas, salads with turkey, and turkey drumsticks.

0512-Vellee_180.jpgVellee Deli

Also sometimes found at various locations in St. Paul
Accepts credit cards
Serves Mexican-Asian fusion food, such as the bulgogi burrito, fish tacos, quesadillas, egg rolls.

0512-WSK_180.jpgWorld Street Kitchen

Accepts credit cards
“Seasonally inspired salad,” kofta meatball sandwich, curry chicken banh mi, yum yum rice bowl, salted caramel ice cream sandwich, and weekly specials such as the Bangkok Burrito and Twenty Dollar Steak Sandwich.

Updated by Stephani Bloomquist, Jessica M. Fleming, and Hayley Schnell, May 2013

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