Season Opening Top 10

Stephanie March shares her top 10 favorite food trucks in the Twin Cities.

  • Chef Shack
    Photo by Carrie Summer
    Chef Shack: These ladies started it all, with bison burgers and spiced donuts, they’ve been putting up luxury street food longer than anyone.
  • Dandelion Kitchen
    Photo by Jessica M. Fleming
    Dandelion Kitchen: Super fresh, local, organic, and always scratch-made, from the house fennel-brats to a killer ham and brie grilled cheese.
  • Gastrotruck
    Photo by Steve Henke
    Gastrotruck: Solid sandwiches with a cheffy boost, look for a grilled white seabass sandwich, and chicken and wild rice burger, along with smoked meatloaf sammies.
  • Hola Arepa
    Photo by Steve Henke
    Hola Arepa: Tucked into a pillowy soft arepa wrapping, slow roasted pork, chimmichurri chicken, and Cuban ham are flavor-packed bites.
  • Nate Dogs
    Photo by Steve Henke
    Nate Dogs: Snap is the true measure of a great street dog, and Nate’s has it in spades. His dogs come dressed with great relish and mustard options to boot.
  • Potter's Pasties
    Photo by Steve Henke
    Potter's Pasties: The “edible hand warmers” and pocket pies of baked dough filled with hearty goods such as Thai veg or braised pulled pork with apples.
  • Saucy Burt's
    Photo by Ryan Pederson
    Saucy Burt's: There’s no better meatball in town, whether you get them in the softy white sub sandwich or walk away with a boat full of red sauce and balls.
  • Sushi Fix
    Sushi Fix: Billy and his band of merry sushi men crank out creative, fresh, and high-quality street-side sushi. Believe it.
  • Vellee Deli
    Photo by Jessica M. Fleming
    Vellee Deli: These kids know how to kick it with spice. Whether it’s the Korean BBQ burrito or the Dragon Melt quesadilla, you can choose how many “kicks” of Thai chili you want.
  • World Street Kitchen
    Photo by Jessica M. Fleming
    World Street Kitchen: The truck that spawned a restaurant, WSK’s yum-yum bowl is one of the most intriguing and best values on the street.

Food and Dining editor, Stephanie March, shares her season opening top 10 favorite food trucks.
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