Best Restaurants 2014

Food and Dining editor Stephanie March
How to choose only 50 restaurants? It's tougher than you think, explains Stephanie March.

Bachelor Farmer tabletop
The ultimate eater's guide to the Twin Cities, from fine dining to corner joints. Dig in.

We took it to the kitchens this year and asked chefs and restaurateurs what they thought about the TC food scene and how we got here.

A spread of food and wine at Corner Table / Photo by Eliesa Johnson
Out of the 50 best restaurants, these are the ones our editors chose as their favorites.

The Travail crew, plotting their next project
The movers and shakers of our Twin Cities food and dining scene.

Pans on the stove of Marla's Caribbean Kitchen
Care to try your hand at the winningest dishes from around the Twin Cities?

Interior of Birchwood Cafe / Photo by Eliesa Johnson
Who got the top spots? We tallied your votes to find the best eatery in every category.

Grand Szechuan | photo by Eliesa Johnson
A drool-worthy jaunt into the reason all this other restaurant business exists in the first place: dazzling food, plain and simple.

Joe Rolle of Borough | Photo by Eliesa Johnson
Way before a magical meal is placed in front of you, an entirely different type of magic happens in the kitchen.

Chefs at Tilia | Photo by Eliesa Johnson
Even when a restaurant is grinding the hardest there's a certain playful spirit at work too.

The local brew taps at Ngon Bistro
When a restaurant's bustling it can be hard to see it for what it is, a thoughtfully rendered, elegant, purposeful space.

Landon Schoenefeld of Haute Dish | Photo by Eliesa Johnson
Candid looks at the faces behind the food.

Behind the scenes with art director, Liz Gardner, and photographer Eliesa Johnson at a photo shoot
Ever wonder what goes into making pretty food and pretty restaurants look even prettier in an image? Well, this.