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Best New Restaurants 2011

A bevy of chef changes, openings, closings, and flashy new ideas made this another wild year in our local food scene.

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Pizzeria Lola

A favorite riff from the restaurant vets: “Just because you can make good pizza for your friends doesn’t mean you can run a successful pizza joint.” Pizzeria Lola just might love being the exception to the rule.

Ann Kim was an actress in her recent former life, before diving in with considerable style to the creation of Pizzeria Lola. Her small southwest Minneapolis spot has been packing them in since day one. Is it the stylish and gorgeous copper Le Panyol oven that anchors the comfortably modern room? Is it the friendly pizza pie that plays with inventive flavors and ingredients while never forgetting it’s still supposed to be pizza? Or is it the lovely and generous Ms. Kim, smudged with soot, wielding a peel, happily chatting up guests, proving people wrong, and living the dream?

Who cares–just be thankful we have a quirky, authentic pizza joint from a quirky, creative spirit. It’s a lovely perfect storm of pizza, chums. 5557 Xerxes Ave. S., Mpls., 612-424-8338,

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Eater’s Guide

You Old Soft Serve.

Don't skip the soft serve ice cream, touched as it is with a swath of olive oil and sea salt. Get some before heading to the photo booth in back.

Lady ZaZa.

In homage to Kim’s Korean roots, this pie soars with Korean sausage, kimchi, soy chili glaze, and sesame oil.

Lunch Bunch.

No reservations can mean a wait; check Lola out during weekend lunch.

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