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Best New Restaurants 2011

A bevy of chef changes, openings, closings, and flashy new ideas made this another wild year in our local food scene.

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Sun Street Breads

Bakers normally get very little sleep, but when Solveig Tofte’s Sun Street Breads opened, the local bread guru could only pray to see the insides of her eyelids.

Such were the inaugural months–lines would form and bread racks would run empty, despite her best efforts to keep up. What can you do when the meatloaf Susan sandwich has become a bit of a crush for some, and others will truck across town for the Juicy Piggy with its jalapeno and jack–stuffed sausage?

You bake and you bake. You bake breads that you’ve always wanted to bake with your whole creative self, breads like apple rye or loaves with sprouted grains, and then you plow giddily forward. 4600 Nicollet Ave., Mpls., 612-354-3414,

Eater's Guide

To Market.

In the summer, if you want to grab a quick loaf, hit the Kingfield Farmers Market, where Sun Street has a booth.

Your Daily Biscuit.

Check the website for the daily stock of bread, pastries, and the weekly biscuit special; it might be a basil ricotta–filled crepe with roasted tomato sauce on a biscuit, if you’re lucky.

Dinner is Served

Now that she’s getting more sleep and a new sense of purpose, Tofte is extending hours and adding dinner to the menu sometime this fall.

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