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Best New Restaurants 2011

A bevy of chef changes, openings, closings, and flashy new ideas made this another wild year in our local food scene.

Best New Food Trucks

Not all of the cities' best new restaurants pay property taxes. Here are some mobile bests for those of you with restless legs.

Hola Arepa (@HolaArepa)

The crew in the bright aqua truck stuffs griddled corn cakes with slow-roasted meats and sassy sauces. The double pork Cuban with Swiss and pickles is a special—snag it if you see it.

Vellee Deli (@VelleeDeli)

These guys were the sleeper hit of the summer—that curry burrito is one fat hunk of tasty fusion.

Nate Dogs (@Nate_Dogs)

Half the charm of these dogs is their all-natural goodness; the other half is chatty Nate who sells them.

The Twisted Sister House of Hunger (@HouseofHunger)

Loaded fried potatoes come with cheddar sauce, sour cream, and applewood-smoked bacon. Hit it with the signature polygamy sauce to take it to the next level (except in Utah).

Untamed Cart (@Untamed_Cart)

You’ll have to endure an inner war to choose between the Mexican pot roast sandwich with aioli or the porketta on ciabatta with arugula. Really it’s a win-win.

Cupcake on the Go (@CupcakeOnTheGo)

Despite tons of cupcake flavors, including a few vegan and gluten-free options, you could just mainline your sugar rush with a frosting shot.

Potter’s Pasties (@PottersPasties)

It’s a flaky, rich chicken pot pie you can eat with your hands. You’re welcome.

Gastro Truck (@Gastrotruck)

A chef loves his sliders, and Stephen Trojahn’s dead-on smoked meatloaf sliders prove the rule.

Saucy Burt’s (@SaucyBurts)

It started with a girl, a cart, and a missile of a saucy meatball sandwich. Now that there’s hearty fresh pasta soup, all that’s missing is a slice.

Mr. Mustachios (@MrMustachios)

The truck may be hard to locate, but its crispy Belgian frites are a mess of hot, salty addiction.

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