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Best New Restaurants 2011

A bevy of chef changes, openings, closings, and flashy new ideas made this another wild year in our local food scene.

Our eating world has turned this year, as we have seen a bevy of openings and closings, chefs moving from stove to stove, owners with bravado claiming to be the next big thing, and young upstarts flashing new ideas while crowd-surfing for capital. Ah yes, another year in the life of our local food scene. Whether it’s the resurrection of old favorites, new consulting projects from big-name chefs, or the expanding fleet of mobile food vendors, the new kids this year are bringing their game. Our restaurant picks prove there’s a little bit of something tasty for everyone.


Longtime local master chef Steven Brown builds his own restaurant in Linden Hills


Stewart Woodman reopens Heidi's with plates and décor as bold and daring as he is.

Sun Street Breads

Solveig Tofte's restaurant was so popular upon its opening, the owner could only dream of getting any sleep.

Pizzeria Lola

A quirky, authentic pizza joint from a quirky, creative spirit sprouts up in Southwest Minneapolis.

Masu Sushi & Robata

Masu ditches the cliché in favor of robata meats, cheffy ramen and workings by sushi master Asan Yamamoto.


The D'Amicos replaced Wolfgang Puck at the Walker Art Center with a restaurant perfectly suited for lunch-seeking museum-goers.

In Season

Even if one is the great Don Saunders, it's amazing that just two cooks hold down this modern, French-inspired neighborhood joint.

The Bachelor Farmer

The Dayton brothers' new restaurant is a Scandinavian, pop art beauty that links up to mixology lair Marvel Bar.

Best New Food Trucks

Not all of the cities' best new restaurants pay property taxes. Here are some mobile bests for those of you with restless legs.