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  • Prairie Pampa Pavilion - 2012 RAVE Award Winner
    The lower end of the shed roof faces the house, making it visually lighter and more inviting.
  • Prairie Pampa Pavilion - 2012 RAVE Award Winner
    The high end of the shed roof along with the small balcony allow for a beautiful view of wooded land in the backyard.
  • Prairie Pampa Pavilion - 2012 RAVE Award Winner
    The open fire masonry in a masonry structure or “parrillero” is the traditional way of grilling beef in the Pampa region of Argentina.
  • Prairie Pampa Pavilion - 2012 RAVE Award Winner
    The fire can be overlooked while reading at the hammock.

Prairie Pampa Pavilion

The Team
Marcelo Valdes, Architect

General Contractor<br>
Home Tailors Building and Remodel

Design Intent/Solution
With their children now grown, the clients chose to transform their Golden Valley backyard play structures into a three-season pavilion. Removable polycarbonate panels and a galvanized metal roof allow for the space to be enjoyed in colder weather, while light cedar wood and a slanted ceiling add visual interest to the 240-square-foot room. The red brick masonry grill pays homage to Argentinean and South American traditions.

Judge’s Comment
This creative addition represents escapism at its best. With authentic Argentinean design details, this structure looks and feels at home in a Minnesota backyard. The judges appreciated the simplicity of the materials and the “dare to dream” mentality of the project—creating an unexpected addition to an everyday home.

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