Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle Ltd

Mission Statement
To perpetuate a self-renewing, creative architectural practice that benefits our clients, our society and ourselves.

Our office is structured as a series of interactive, project based teams devoted to independent work with regular internal reviews of projects by partners and key technical support staff. In this way, we can bring the best human and technical resources in the office to bear on several projects at once. At the same time, we honor the role of assigned individuals and project teams to act as focused and dedicated advocates of client interests. Wherever and whenever possible, we assign key staff to remain with a project from start to finish. Attention to detail and maintaining a broad and deep cultural view are hallmarks of our design approach and work. While we might all be moved by the ways good design touches our emotions and expands our thoughtful experience, ultimately those who work or live in a place must live with its details.

710 South 2nd Street, 7th Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: 612-375-0336