A modern interiors renovation of a 1940’s Cape Cod house. The kitchen features ample daylight, LED lighting, locally produced environmentally responsible materials and energy efficient appliances. The first floor and upper floors are connected to one another through the use of a 2 story volume which helps if the kids try to hide out when it’s time to wash dishes.
    Sunny days are made even brighter with the right orientation and window selection. The triple glazed windows are super energy efficient and spectrally tuned to maximize solar gain and screening depending on the season. The polished concrete floor stays cool in the summer but remains warm enough in winter such that you might find kid’s socks strewn all over.
  • Wright HUS
    This home in Grand Marais, MN is super insulated and designed to take advantage of both passive and active solar energy. Sited on a south sloping rise amongst birch, maple and pine woods this home produces much of its own energy incorporating high efficiency windows, structurally insulated panels for the walls and roof assemblies, local materials (much of the wood was harvested on site), and an overall sense of being exactly where it should be.
  • Wright HUS
    Much of the wood for this timber frame home was harvested from the site and milled and shaped by the owners. The floors are reclaimed wood planking. Thick, well insulated walls and high performance, triple glazed windows keep this home warm and cozy on a cold, northern Minnesota winter’s day. I can smell the bread baking.
  • Murphy Small House
    Sometimes all you need is something small. This high efficiency passive solar home is only 840 square feet but includes an entry hall, kitchen, bedroom, bath, dining and living room, a screened in porch, mechanical and storage room. The house may be small but it gives big benefits. Low maintenance, lots of insulation, durable materials, efficient windows and a bright, high volume interior help to make this home plenty big for its britches.
  • Asper House
    A renovation and addition to a 1940’s bungalow, this kitchen features energy efficient appliances, water conserving plumbing fixtures, locally sourced FSC wood cabinetry, warm cork flooring, low voc paint and recycled wine bottles that have been turned into light fixtures. “The kitchen is a dream to cook in” according to the owners, but they find themselves a little thirstier - especially around happy hour.
  • Kane House
    What’s better than being outdoors on a warm summer’s evening? This addition to a 1920’s home stays cheerful even as the sun sets. The addition is refreshingly modern but somehow still in keeping with the character of the original home and context of the neighborhood. This project features locally sourced, environmentally responsible materials, high efficiency windows and a green roof. It is a warm and happy home.
  • Kane House
    “It’s like living in a tree-house!” describes the home’s owner “We love the wood and all the light. We can watch the stars and the storms from our spacious room”. With reclaimed douglas fir ceilings, quality windows, skylights and sloping ceilings, this master bedroom is light, airy and fun.
  • Kane House
    The design for this kitchen renovation started with the big, blue refrigerator. Everything else follows its lead. Bold colors, clean, mid-century modern detailing, lighting, metal tile and simple detailing make this a kitchen where you won’t mind doing a few dishes.
  • Kane House
    The fact that there’s enough room for two in the shower isn’t the only thing that makes this bathroom fun. Clean lines, warm wood, glass tile and enough daylight to brush your teeth by make this bathroom a joy.


EcoDEEP is an architecture and green building design firm that holds an acute and sole focus on holistic, sustainable design.  EcoDEEP works to balance environmental performance and economic concerns through careful and sensitive design. Sustainability and good design begin with planning and is integral to and enriches our lives. Our work promises that good design, good planning and environmental betterment are inherently interdependent and that solutions must be simple, affordable and responsible. In all of our work we seek to give more to the environment than we take and to help others do the same.
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