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Why We Picked Tracy

Tracy-Horning.JPGMy name is Tracy. I’m 45 years old and I need your help. I’ve been overweight my whole life – always the “chubby” kid, the pretty girl who could be so much more “if she’d just lose some weight” – and I’ve spent the last decade overcoming major depression, which cost my job and my life savings, and learning to live with dysthymia, a chronic, low-grade depression that can, and often does, make everyday life just that much harder. Now, I’m starting over, and I need your help to develop healthy habits and create an active lifestyle, so that on those days when just getting out of bed is even tougher because of my dysthymia, I have an arsenal of tools and experiences that will help propel me into my own life. I know that science has proven the benefits of exercise and I’ve heard of the “runner’s high,” but I’ve never experienced it. The rest of my life is in order: I am permanently employed again in my field, earning a salary that is allowing me to start paying off my medical expenses and other debt. I’ve got an apartment that I’m finally settling into after four years. Now I’m ready to start living – really living, not just surviving. With your instruction, accountability, help and encouragement, my active woman can come out and I can start living now, not another 10 years from now. Please help me.

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