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Why We Picked Nancy

Nancy-Paleka.jpgI'm looking for help to rebuild my life. The death of my father and years of misdiagnosed medical problems led me to develop an unhealthy lifestyle; I was overweight and stressed. In 2011, my mysterious problems were finally diagnosed as stage IV uterine cancer. Alone in a new town, in my 30' was devastating: infertility, premature menopause AND CANCER with 5% survival rate?!? However, my daddy raised a strong girl and I am determined to thrive! I'm trying my best to focus on all the positive things in my life. I have a great team of doctors, but I'm cognizant that my health is my responsibility too. I'm determined to do my part to rebuild my body, make it as strong as it can be so I can thrive - not just survive this disease. I have 80 pounds that I want to lose; mostly I'm really focused on achieving a strong, healthy body. My oncologists fully support this weightloss too. Frankly, I've not had the weightloss success I wished for doing this alone. Financially, I just can't afford to pay for trainers; I even just cancelled my gym membership the day before I saw this contest because of mouting medical bills! So, I'm entering because I saw your contest as a sign. Being a part of the Steele challenge would be a phenomenal partnership to help me successfully create a strong, cancer-free body.

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